Bobcats News · AD Full Body Workout Challenge #1

During the next few weeks, Cambridge Athletics will be posting challenge workouts for all Bobcats!  These workouts are full body with no equipment or weights needed.  Our student-athletes are encouraged to take part in these challenges and upload a video to Twitter tagging @bluebobcats with the hashtag #CCSADWORKOUT or on Facebook tagging @CambridgeBobcatAthletics using the hashtag #CCSADWORKOUT.

WORKOUT #1 (perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 30 second break between each; 2-3 rounds)

  • Knee to Elbow Push-ups – standard push up while bringing your knee to elbow during each repetition
  • Frog Crunches – knees should be pointed out with bottom of feet touching one another
  • Leg Lifts – lying flat on your back with legs together and extended; keep heels 3-6 inches off ground at bottom of repetition
  • Starfish – while in a side plank, extend top arm into the air while also raising top leg as high as possible (30 seconds each side)
  • Mount Climbers – while in plank position, run in place bringing your knees to your chest as far and fast as possible
  • Superman – on your stomach fully extended, raise both hands and feet in the air as high as possible
  • Up and Under Push Ups – perform a standard push up; at the top of the push up rotate one arm under torso and then up in the air
  • Mason Twists – in a crunch position, interlock hands in front of you and then rotate touching floor on each side
  • Frog Squats – keep feet wide bringing hands down to the ground and then jumping into the air at top of the squat