Bobcats News · Fall Scholar-Athletes Announced

Amid the challenging times of 2020, the Fall Student-Athletes at Cambridge High School proved once again how hard they work both in the classroom and on the field of competition.  118 student-athletes out of a total of 177 obtained a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher during the first nine week grading period.  In addition, all programs competing in the Fall earned a team GPA of 3.0 or above.

“The first “C” in Cambridge Athletics is: CLASSROOM,” said Aaron Quinn-Athletic Director.  “The effort put forth by our student-athletes in the classroom is beyond impressive.  These achievements are something our players, coaches, administrators, board of education and community can and should be proud of.”

Girls Tennis earned top academic honors with a phenomenal 3.97 scholar-athlete team GPA followed closely by Cross Country (3.94) and Volleyball (3.93).

Listed below are scholar-athlete team GPAs as well as the names of scholar-athletes and their respective sport.  Congratulations to these Bobcats!

Girls Tennis                3.97

Cross Country            3.94

Volleyball                    3.93

Boys Soccer                 3.91

Cheerleading               3.88

Girls Soccer                 3.87

Golf                               3.86

Football                        3.85


Altland, Zac Soccer
Anderson, Bryson Football
Atkinson, Joshua Boys XC
Bartlett, Justin Football
Biddle, Amanda Volleyball
Biddle, Kaitlyn Volleyball
Blasenhauer, Chelsea Cheer
Blasenhauer, Chelsea Girls XC
Blasenhauer, Katline Girls XC
Bradison, Morgan Volleyball
Brown, Makena Tennis
Brumfield, Blake Football
Buchtel, Emma Volleyball
Burgess, Christopher Football
Burris-Jones, Hayden Football
Byerly, Ava Volleyball
Cahoon, Zoey Girls Soccer
Caldwell, Xander Football
Carna, Maggi Girls Soccer
Carpenter, Jadyn Cheer
Carpenter, Lainey Cheer
Carpenter, Laney Volleyball
Castello, Aiden Golf
Ceculski, Danica Cheer
Chandler, Destiny Tennis
Clark, Adrienne Girls Soccer
Clark, Emily Girls XC
Conte, Collin Football
Crupper, Riley Girls Soccer
Curnutte Javon Football
Cutlip, Jeffrey Tennis
Daugherty, Maci Cheer
Dempsey, Emma Cheer
Dillon, Caiden Football
Dunning, Ryan Volleyball
Durham, Boaz Football
Durham, Caleb Football
Edwards, Eli Soccer
Edwards, Katie Volleyball
Enright, Madeline Cheer
Eubanks, Aiden Soccer
Fabian, Josie Cheer
Feldner, Owen Football
Fillipis, Jovi Girls Soccer
Forshey, Randall Boys XC
Garcia, Destiny Girls Soccer
Gebhart, Camryn Volleyball
Geese, Grayson Soccer
Gibson, Ziciah Tennis
Gibson, Ziciah Volleyball
Giesey, Liberty Cheer
Gonzales, Elizabeth Girls Soccer
Goonan, John Soccer
Hamm, Braden Soccer
Hamm, Briley Soccer
Hannon, Brady Soccer
Hartley, Dillon Soccer
Hatfield, Nick Boys XC
Hewison, Caleb Football
Jackson, Braidyn Football
Jeffrey, Roman Football
Johnson, Reed Football
Johnson, Rogan Soccer
Keith-Hill, Kierra Cheer
Keith-Hill, Kiersten Cheer
Kenworthy, Caden Football
Kerns, Laken Tennis
Kerr, Liam Soccer
King, Braxtron Tennis
Kirkbride, Sidney Tennis
Knaup, Sydney Volleyball
LaFollette, Azlyn Tennis
LaPlante, Andrew Soccer
Loader, Kara Tennis
Long, Parker Football
Lopez, Nathan Boys XC
Lopez, Nathan Soccer
Mathers, Keegan Boys XC
McCullen, David Boys XC
Mesarchik, Carli Girls Soccer
Mobelini, Logan Football
Moore, Caden Football
Murrey, Jenna Girls Soccer
O’Donnell Lexis Tennis
Ogle, Adelia Cheer
Ogle, Anderson Football
Oliver, Maddy Cheer
Parsons, Lucas Soccer
Perkins, Sean Soccer
Policoff, Spencer Golf
Porter, Gabby Tennis
Pyers, Kylie Girls Soccer
Reed, Eric Soccer
Reed, Jackson Golf
Reed, Ty Boys XC
Rocco, Angelo Football
Rominger, Janelle Girls XC
Secrest, Kasen Football
Secrest, Kyler Football
Slaughter, Taylar Girls Soccer
Smith, Adam Golf
Stanberry, Caleb Soccer
Stanberry, Jonah Soccer
Stanley, Alivia Girls XC
Stottsberry, Beau Football
Stottsberry, Trey Football
Sylvis, Smith Soccer
Sylvis, Steeler Soccer
Taylor, Kensley Volleyball
Taylor, Kylie Tennis
Taylor, Kylie Volleyball
Theo, Conner Football
Theodosopoulos, Conner Soccer
Todd, Caityn Girls XC
Todd, Evy Cheer
Whaley, Kaden Football
Wheeler, Braxton Golf
Yanico, Andrew Soccer